About Us

CommerceHub intends to bring computerization to doctors/dentists at an affordable rate. The program that it is embarking with a Medical Body will bring the cost of owning the software, web presence to a very affordable level where doctors/dentists can pay 0% installment plan for a couple of years depending on their affordability. At the end of the installment plan, they own the software.

CommerceHub is also working in conjunction with a Singapore Medical Body to develop a MedHub portal to promote doctors/dentists services to patients locally or overseas. Our web services will allow patients to make an appointment online and get confirmation real-time with the doctors. For overseas patients, they will be able to book accommodation and transportation through the web. It is a one stop service to bring patients and doctors together online.

CommerceHub solution is based on open source web application and in-house build web application using web services. Our open architecture allows the support of many to one to many business models.

Our knowledge of web application (e.g. content management system, online purchasing, payment gateway, search engine optimization, portal) allows you to have a one stop solution for bringing businesses online.

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