CommerceHub Content Management System

CommerceHub CMS is aimed at facilitating the process of updating/modifying content in web pages easily. Our Content Management System helps your company save money and time. You will no longer need to recruit extra web designer or outsource to an external web design company for making regular changes to your web pages - editing the content will become as easy as typing a document and saving it to the web pages by pressing the button.

CommerceHub APPROACH

CommerceHub creates a totally scalable and flexible system that will expand easily without significant future investment.

Þ At CommerceHub we provide the installation and development of our CMS cater to your web site requirements.
Þ We guarantee the security of the developed Content Management System with password protected login pages.
Þ We can host your Content Management System at our site without you worrying about the initial setup cost. We manage your site by doing daily backup and preventing hackers from hacking your site.
Þ Our Content Management System can be extended to include a document management system for the purpose of sharing documents such as word files, PDF files, images etc. internally among your colleagues or extended to external parties like customers and suppliers.
Þ Our CMS includes a Newsletter Management component where your guests can subscribe for newsletters or flyers. Your company can make use of the component for marketing program by periodically sending them newsletter or flyers through the subscribed list.
Þ Our CMS includes image gallery where your company can upload product images, company functions photos for sharing internally or with the general public.
Þ Our CMS can be extended into an online shop where you can run an ecommerce site to sell your product through the internet.
Þ Our CMS can also be extended to an auction site, Online Forum for discussion and as well as Online Helpdesk.

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